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The best advice I ever received was to pay off my mortgage.

I did that and have been reaping the benefits ever since.

You can get investment advice from a range of sources including financial planners, insurance companies, sharebrokers, banks and financial advisers. But first you need to check whether the adviser is licensed to provide you with what you need.

In the investment world, asking questions is not being dumb – it is the sign of an astute investor.

If you are unsure about any aspect of an investment, keep asking questions or seek a second opinion. If your question is about an important issue – like the fees you pay or the security of your money – get the answer in writing. If you can’t understand the answers to your questions, don’t invest. It’s your money. Why hand it over to someone who can’t, or won’t, fully explain what will happen to it? The sorts of questions you need answers to include things like what are the risks, what are the fees, what will happen to my money and how can I get it back? By law, the people offering you the investment are usually required to provide you with a standard set of important questions and answers in writing, in a document called the investment statement. You should always read these questions and answers before you hand over any money.

The types of investments you should consider will depend on your investment profile which takes into account your personal circumstances and financial situation. It will also depend on your goals.

Fixed Interest Investments
A fixed interest investment is where you invest your money and are paid a set amount of interest until your capital is repaid.

When you buy shares you buy part of a company.

Managed Funds
Money from individual investors is pooled and invested by a fund manager.

Other Investments
Property is another common investment, and you can find out more about investing in property at the Hot Property Investments.

There are also investments such as property schemes, contributory mortgage schemes, agricultural and forestry schemes, and futures contracts. Some of these investments are complicated, and if you are interested in them it would be wise to contact a Financial Adviser.